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At LA CONSULTING ENGINEERS, as our slogan suggests LIFE AFRICA – CHANGING LIVES, we are passionate about ensuring sustainable development and real impact in the communities in which we work by assisting under priviledged individuals and communities by providing continuous advise and service delivery.

Our mission is to assist organisations that also have the same vision as us through the development and implementation of sustainable projects.  Our project leaders are encouraged to highlight sustainable development to their clients through the implementation of projects.  Our vision is always to look outside of the project itself and include the impact on the communities and environment of the project area.  More often than not, we discover stakeholder organisations who are more than willing to partner with us.  Client buy-in has also been very successful.

At LA, we encourage our staff to get involved in our CSI initiatives.  The response has been amazing.  In a fallen world, there is a real desire by human beings to feel a part of something bigger than themselves.  And nothing can be more fulfilling than helping others.  The Company is on a constant quest to find avenues to assist communities and keeps staff up to date with new initiatives and opportunities to get involved.  We also work closely with the REACH FOR A DREAM organisation impacting on the lives of children fighting with life threatening diseases.

One of LA’s CSI initiatives is the “LAV Hampers”.  These are food and basic essentials hampers which are distributed to families and individuals in real need.  We current distribute approximately 20 No. hampers per month.  Our goal is to increase this to 500 No. per month by 2020.

LA is committed to skills development and the sustainable empowerment of the communities that it works in.  LA has partnered with various training and development organisations and philanthropists to provide life skills training and industry awareness at various schools and technical institutions.  We will continue to grow this aspect of our CSI as we see this as a real need.  There is a general lack of knowledge transfer through the generations, and we feel that we can contribute to this.


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